I live and work in Cottekill, NY, where I fire ceramics in an experimental salt kiln and make small-scale wooden objects, while exploring other materials such as rope and found metal.  

I am fascinated by how humans connect with the world around them through objects, and how objects can affect and inform us.  To better understand this interaction, I attempt to open myself to the "crafted" qualities of an object, to learn its properties and its connection to human nature, and the quiet aspects of the experience it provides.  Making things to be held in the hands is how I investigate one aspect of living an aware life.  It is my goal to provide the opportunity for others to spend time in this open state by using simple forms, subtle surfaces, and engaging textures in my sculptures and pottery.

My current focus is forming stoneware bowls without tools, using just my hands and the rhythm of walking around the studio, in order to create a piece that translates the unique touch of my hands to those of another.

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